Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Something Special.

You know I always loved do some sweet things from paper or magazines. You can use them as a bookmark or just some nice decoration for your room. Here are some of them. This paper "dolls" are wearing outfits wich for me associates with some brands. Here you can see lady: Chanel, D&G and Chloe.Take a look closely:
Here is the Chanel lady:

Of course for this brand I choose LBD (the classic!).
Look! each circle has the Chanel sign!

The D&G chic rocker girl:
For D&G I wanted to do something really chic, so she wears the oversize fur coat and black leggings
Hahaha they are made of adhesive tape.

And finally the Chloe romantic lady:
I think that Chloe is very feminine brand, their clothes are so romantic, that's why she wears long grass dress.

I hope you like my girls and stay tuned for more.

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