Monday, January 23, 2012

10 facts post (Part 4)

Hi, do you remember me?) I hope you do.Well, I have a good excuse why I haven't been posting so long, my illness! Oh lord it was terrible, but let's forget about all this and move to the post. Today I want to finally finish my 10 facts post series and start to do real looks post (can't wait to show you all of them, full of ideas!)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 facts post (Part 3)

Sorry guys that I post not as often as I used to (my school week has just started, so I need to study harder). Because of the lack of time I can't shoot my today's outfit ( I can asure you it was really feminine), so I'll continue talking about my fashion habits.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Something Special.

You know I always loved do some sweet things from paper or magazines. You can use them as a bookmark or just some nice decoration for your room. Here are some of them. This paper "dolls" are wearing outfits wich for me associates with some brands. Here you can see lady: Chanel, D&G and Chloe.Take a look closely:

Monday, January 9, 2012

Let It Snow!

Yahoooo! I'm finally able to show you my winter outfit! And some russian snow ;) I am not huge fan of  knitted hats, so I prefer wearing something like this one ( in Russia it's called ushanka-hat). Hope your week started perfect!
P.S. New banner will be update in a few minutes!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 facts post (Part 2)

 I think we can continue talk about me (yes, I know sounds arrogant)...
3 The fact no. 3 is about my wardrobe. So I think my wardrobe is very very varied because I have different kinds of clothes (from feminine skirts to hoodies) and in my looks I love to combine them of course I don't do it all the time, but I must say that quiet often.What do you think about that?
4 My opinion about some trends. When I opened the January Elle and saw an article about the make-up I was a bit shocked, because it says that the trend of new season is the Twiggy's eyelashes, no I am not against Twiggy, but this looks really disgusting, seems you don't know how to use mascara!
5 Me and the make-up. I can say that I hardly ever do make up, I know sounds strange but this how it is.

Good night,  folks, see you tommorow!

Like a wolf

It's still really snowy in Russia so I am back home to show you one of the winter looks idea. Well I can't say that's really original, but comfortable. Do you like the bag? It looks vintage, isn't it? That's why I love it. I hope you like the look and have a good day!

10 facts post (Part 1)

Hi everyone!
I wanted to start the day with this special series of posts to tell you something more about me, so I will tell you 10 facts about myself that will help you understand my posts better. Let's start:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quick update

Just a small evening post (It's evening in Russia now) about the cute look I worked out a few days ago. And a big sorry about the quality, there is something wrong with my camera. You probably wondering why I shoot all the looks at home and there is a reason why: the russian weather. This week we have just a non-stop snow all day and all night, so when the weather will be better I'll show you my great winter coat!
And a little bit about the look. The most important thing in it is the color combination and look how cute is the body's print looks like a little planets! And love my old watches,the shape is so unusual.
And Merry Christmas,Orhodox!

Be inventive

Yeah! Hi guys, I have a great news my first 2 looks is finally ready to show you
I have one of them in a different variations.
Look № 1
The first one is with a blue scarf and the 'shirt out'.
The second one is without any scarfs it has only one special detaile, take a look closely:
I think it's a good idea to wear the gold chain just like a bracelet and it has this pretty egg on.

Look № 2

 The shirt and tights are the same but this look looks wilder because of the great combination of green and leopard print. Watch the details closely:

And finally I want to show you one crazy thing:
Yes, this is the scarf)
See you tommorow guys.

Friday, January 6, 2012

If fashion is the religion...

So it is a famous statement that fashion is the some kind of religion, if  it's true we probably have to have some fashion commandments. Here is my own:
1 Wear what suits you , not the models on the catwalk.
Actually it's a global problem in n.d. fashion world because the are a big (even a huge) group of people who follow the trends blindly they can't realise that the partucular skirt (or whatever) doesn't suit them at all, so they look pretty "funny".
2 Never copy the complete look.
That's a problem as well, I think you don't wanna look like a clon of somebody, you are able to 'steal' only the detail!
3 "Always Keep Your Eyes Open, Because Everything You See Can Inspire You"
I heard this gorgeous fraise in the movie called "The september issue"(documentary film about Vogue, thoroughly recommend it by the way!), and now it's my moto.
4 Collect the ideas
Don't matter where (in your computer, notebook, etc.), but it really helps you to find an idea everytime and inspire your look, I do have my own fashion dairy, so do you?
5 Dress up for yourself not for anybody else ;)
So that was my fashion commandments, let me take a look at yours!
P.S. And the stupid photo of myself enclosed)

New beggining

Hi everyone!
So at first I probably have to introduce myself?
My name is Diana Morozova, I am don't matter how many years old and I am a huge fashion fan.
Reasons why I decided to start blogging?
Actually on of the most important is that I really have my unique style and I want to show it for the bigger audience than my friends as well I want to know your opinion about it and any critics are welcome ( especially about my grammar because it isn't perfect at all ).
So that it's all for now and the first look post is comming up very soon.
Stay update!