Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 facts post (Part 1)

Hi everyone!
I wanted to start the day with this special series of posts to tell you something more about me, so I will tell you 10 facts about myself that will help you understand my posts better. Let's start:

1 The main information. My full name is Diana Morozova, I live with my family in a one of the biggest cities of Russia called Nizny Novgorod ( it's 5 hours away from Moscow) and I'm studing in the high school, I'll finish it in 3,5 years.

2 My hobbies. My main hobby is without a doubt Fashion! I has became interested in it since I was 11 and with years my fashion-passion increasing and increasing, not really long time ago I discovered the blogs world and suddenly thought " Why can't I do as good as they do?", so now I try to :) As well I must say that I am a huge fan of cinema industry (must admit I am a film addict :D). And another my hobby is languages! My mother tongue is russian of course, but as you can see I'm a quiet good english speaker, and I have just started learning french, such a beatiful language.The last, but not least hobby of myself is traveling, I am just crazy about it! You can call me mad, but for me the best part of the trip is a flight, I can't even explain how exited I am when I see all those landscapes from an increadible hight...
To be continued :)

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