Monday, January 23, 2012

10 facts post (Part 4)

Hi, do you remember me?) I hope you do.Well, I have a good excuse why I haven't been posting so long, my illness! Oh lord it was terrible, but let's forget about all this and move to the post. Today I want to finally finish my 10 facts post series and start to do real looks post (can't wait to show you all of them, full of ideas!)

Fact no.8. Favourite bloggers. I want to talk about them mainly because they are my biggest inspirations. So my no. 1 is for sure Andy Toress and her gorgeous When I saw Andy for the first time on Chiara's Ferragni blog I thought " Why does she have so many fans her style is absolutely usual!". Well, then I realise that this the main reason why people like her, they feel like she's one of their friends because her outfits aren't extremely high-fashioned and her clothes aren't incredibly expensive, and of course because her mesages are so open minded and sweet, so she is for sure the real thing!) And I think the most inspiring speech I have ever heard is her TED talk(! Love you Andy mainly because you are yourself!

Everything happens for the first time, right? The first fashion blog I saw was by adorable Kristina Bazan. I think she kinda introduced me the world of fashion blogs, really. How I found out about her? Well this is an entirely different story... I wish I could tell you some day.

And the last for today (but not least) is Rumi Neely from! What can I say? Total fox!
Fact no.9.  I am a real Switzerland fan! For me it's the best place in the world and I'm dreaming about moving there some day... Oh Lord how I want! That's the reason why I study french by the way. And I visited Suiss about 7 or 8 times, cause I have some relatives there. So I'll be glad to show you some clothes from there)

Fact no.10. And the final one ...( drums rolling), I am not scared to be myself! And recommend you to do the same thing!

See you soon with the new post
 Have a great day!

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