Friday, March 2, 2012

I totally miss out :(

Well, hi guys
I haven't been posting for a while that for sure, but I'll hopefully will be back very soon.
So, todays main topic is dreams.
I know that all of you have them. Well all the bloggers have them as well and the greatest blogger-dreamer of all times is Andy Torres. Her story is so unique and incredible. You'll probably decide that somebody playing a a joke on you if he told that simple mexican girl can make a career in the fashion industy with no connections and not really a big money in her pocket. But actually she can, because now StyleScrapbook have about 80000 likes on facebook and 35000 followers on twitter, around 20 successful collaborations with a huge brands such as Kipling, Mango,etc. and onlinestores. In fact, at the moment she's shooting her first TV show.
 Werelse for Mango wedges designed by Andy and other girls from Werelse team
So what's the main goal? Dreaming or making dreams come true?
P.S. the first picture of the post was taken by me in Croatia last summer.


  1. Love the first pic of the flowers and love the outfit she's wearing x

  2. She is gorgeous! I would love to make my dreams come true but somethimes it is pretty hard...esp. in the country where I live.

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  3. You're right Lucy, but you just need to push harder and it'll work, so good luck to you and wish all your dreams come true)

  4. Love the first picture so beautiful, I love these flowers :) My grandmother had a lot in her garden haha, that's a great childhood memory...
    The mango shoes are so beautiful :)

    XO, Marie