Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 facts post (Part 3)

Sorry guys that I post not as often as I used to (my school week has just started, so I need to study harder). Because of the lack of time I can't shoot my today's outfit ( I can asure you it was really feminine), so I'll continue talking about my fashion habits.

The fact no. 6. My fashion yes-yes. When I look through the fashion magazines ( my fv is Vogue and Elle) I always want to find out new trends for the upcoming season, so this time my favorite trend is for sure PAJAMAS! And I found the beatiful one in my wardrobe a few days ago (how cool is that!), so I hope somebody will invite me to the pajama-party!:)

No.7. My bag's preferences. I haven't got a very big bag collection, but it isn't small too. The one I love the most at the moment is for sure this one, because it looks so vintage and unique (bought in Topshop).
And of course this one, soooo glamorous (bought in Zara):
This is pretty cool too, so small and girly (it's a present and the brand called Fergi) :
And finally the one that I'm just passionate about , but still don't have :(

Furla Candy Bag!

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