Friday, January 6, 2012

If fashion is the religion...

So it is a famous statement that fashion is the some kind of religion, if  it's true we probably have to have some fashion commandments. Here is my own:
1 Wear what suits you , not the models on the catwalk.
Actually it's a global problem in n.d. fashion world because the are a big (even a huge) group of people who follow the trends blindly they can't realise that the partucular skirt (or whatever) doesn't suit them at all, so they look pretty "funny".
2 Never copy the complete look.
That's a problem as well, I think you don't wanna look like a clon of somebody, you are able to 'steal' only the detail!
3 "Always Keep Your Eyes Open, Because Everything You See Can Inspire You"
I heard this gorgeous fraise in the movie called "The september issue"(documentary film about Vogue, thoroughly recommend it by the way!), and now it's my moto.
4 Collect the ideas
Don't matter where (in your computer, notebook, etc.), but it really helps you to find an idea everytime and inspire your look, I do have my own fashion dairy, so do you?
5 Dress up for yourself not for anybody else ;)
So that was my fashion commandments, let me take a look at yours!
P.S. And the stupid photo of myself enclosed)

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